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HIV and AIDS – explained in a simple way

HIV and AIDS – explained in a simple way:
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 Many people (not just kids, but adults, too) don't understand how HIV and AIDS are related, even though they hear these two words used together all the time.
 HIV Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome”
 A specific type of virus (a retrovirus)
 HIV invades the helper T cells to replicate itself.
 No Cure
 Four Stages of HIV Stage
 1 - Primary Short, flu-like illness
 - occurs one to six weeks after infection no symptoms at all Infected person can infect other people Stage 2 - Asymptomatic
 Lasts for an average of ten years
 This stage is free from symptoms
There may be swollen glands
 The level of HIV in the blood drops to very low levels 
HIV antibodies are detectable in the blood
 Stage 3 - Symptomatic 
 The symptoms are mild
 The immune system deteriorates emergence of opportunistic infections and cancers
 Stage 4 - HIV and AIDS 
The immune system weakens
 The illnesses become more severe leading to an AIDS diagnosis

1-Percent of infection after needle prick contaminated by blood from AIDS patient??
    0.3% means very low percentage



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