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Breech presentation C-Section

Breech Presentation 

Breech presentation is defined as a fetus in a longitudinal lie with the buttocks or feet closest to the cervix. This occurs in 3-4% of all deliveries. The percentage of breech deliveries decreases with advancing gestational age from 22% of births prior to 28 weeks' gestation to 7% of births at 32 weeks' gestation to 1-3% of births at term

There are boundless fears surrounding vaginal commitment of the backside presentation and a abridgement of admonition about accessible on safe vaginal commitment of a breech. There is additionally a abridgement of bluntness about the risks of caesarean area and dispersed ability of the post-caesarean difficulties abounding mothers encounter. These factors, calm with the prevailing belief and behavior that caesareans agreement advantageous babies, added about than not leave the woman with no advantage but to blindly acquire the decisions fabricated for her by her obstetrician.
Mothers may not be acquainted abundant beforehand than 36-37 weeks that their babyish actual in a backside position is a problem. The prevalence of backside presentation decreases from about 15% at 29-32 weeks evolution to amid 3-4% at term.(1)
Many hospitals accept a action of constituent caesarean area at 38 weeks evolution for all backside presentations. For abounding mothers, decidedly those who accept fabricated abundant efforts to maximise the affairs of 'as accustomed a bearing as possible', such a position is acutely confidence-shattering and badly abashing - accident of ascendancy of, or captivation in, the commitment of her babyish is about total.
In fact, a mother in such a position does accept three capital choices although these are absurd to be fabricated accustomed to her:
Constituent caesarean section
Vaginal backside commitment or vaginal backside abstraction application forceps
Natural, alive backside birth

Despite the boundless accepting that backside babies should be delivered by caesarean section, it has not been accurate to be safer for the babyish than accustomed alive backside birth. An all-embracing multi-centre Appellation Backside Balloon is currently actuality undertaken to attending at the catechism of which is the added acceptable admission for administration of the backside babyish at term: planned caesarean area or planned vaginal birth.
Estimates of the perinatal bloodshed attributable to vaginal commitment of backside presentation accept varied, but it is about accustomed to be four times that for cephalic presentation aback adapted for abnormalities. However, in a analysis of over 10,000 backside births in eighty-six hospitals world-wide, Fortney et al (1986)(2) begin that the neonatal bloodshed amount in backside births was about alert the all-embracing neonatal bloodshed rate.
The sad actuality is that babies in the backside position are at college accident than cephalic babies. Unfortunately boundless use of caesarean commitment for backside babies has not approved an advance in the aftereffect statistics.
Caesarean operations do not agreement commitment of advantageous babies, backside or otherwise. Neither are all the 'hazards' of vaginal commitment consistently avoided. Backside presenting babies are still built-in basal aboriginal alike aback delivered operatively.
"It is incorrect to accept . . . that caesarean backside commitment is never alarming for the fetus. Several attendant studies accept credible that brachial abdomen injury, accident to bendable tissues, fractures, lacerations, and affair of the fetal arch abaft the uterine cavity followed by intracranial drain action in caesarean backside deliveries as well."(3)
Some obstetricians adopt to use a low vertical, rather than a transverse, uterine cavity aback carrying a backside babyish by caesarean aback vertical incisions can be continued with beneath accident to the mother should the charge arise. This, of course, has implications for approaching deliveries aback it is broadly believed that vertical scars are at hardly college accident of rupture.
The capital fears surrounding vaginal backside commitment are bearing agony and asphyxia. With a breech, the after-coming arch does not accept an befalling to mould afore casual through the bearing canal. If the babyish is babyish or abortive there is a crisis that the anatomy may bear calmly abrogation the arch trapped abaft an clumsily aggrandized cervix or an bare pelvis.
However, Collea et al (1978) point out that "excessively apathetic commitment of the arch may aftereffect in fetal asphyxia, although begin no absolute accord amid umbilicus-to-mouth commitment time and Apgar score."(4)

As the amount of caesarean commitment of backside babies rises, beneath and beneath midwives and doctors are acquirements the abilities of vaginal backside delivery. In cases area the baby's arch does get trapped the bearing associates may act afield by angrily extracting the babyish which may account astringent academician and analgesic bond injuries, able-bodied adequate to account hyperbilirubinemia, agony to the liver, kidneys, annoyance and adrenals.
In the ICEA analysis Commitment Alternatives in the Appellation Backside Abundance the angle of Irwin Kaiser, an American ob/gyn are noted:
"I accept never in my activity had agitation with a breech. And I not about area for a breech. Now, of advance there are some abilities complex in carrying breeches. And, abounding doctors accomplished today aren't acquirements them. However, if doctors don't accept the skills, maybe they care to be accomplishing article abroad - conceivably authoritative medecine."(3)
Although in approach backside babies are not benefiting from caesarean delivery, they may able-bodied be accomplishing so in practice, because the abilities of vaginal backside commitment are actuality lost.
Another abundant accurate abhorrence in affiliation with vaginal backside bearing is bond prolapse. Aback the baby's basal or legs do not fit the abdomen as carefully as the arch there is added adventitious that the bond may blooper through. However, for the aforementioned affidavit the burden on the bond may not be as great, accordingly a bond alight with a backside may not be the anon life-threatening accident that about presents with a arch bottomward baby. Although Confino, et al begin that umbilical bond alight was abundant added accepted in backside presentations (3.7%) than in acme presentations (0.3%)(5), bond alight may not necessarily be as adverse in backside presentations as it is in acme presentations, because the fetal legs may absorber the prolapsed bond from compression. There is abstract which cites abundant instances of bond alight in backside deliveries afterwards any credible adverse aftereffect on the fetus.
To those who accurate the agnosticism that the aerial amount of caesarean area for backside presentations has bigger aftereffect statistics, bound comes the acknowledgment "but they don't do aftereffect studies!". In fact, there accept been two broadly quoted studies which begin no aberration amid backside breed delivered vaginally and backside breed delivered by caesarean.
It would arise that in the case of a advantageous mother with a advantageous babyish of accustomed admeasurement in a backside presentation, vaginal commitment at abounding appellation care to be an advantage to be accustomed austere application 'Informed choice' is actual abundant the 'in' affair at present, but how about does this arise with a woman whose babyish is in a backside presentation?
It is not about acknowledged, for instance, that there are two actual altered 'types' of vaginal delivery. About speaking 'vaginal backside extraction' would added acceptable call what the majority of British hospitals accept to action as a 'vaginal backside delivery' option. This about involves some or all of the following:
Getting to the hospital aboriginal in labour (in case of bond prolapse)
Continuous fetal monitoring
Epidural (to abstain the mother blame too aboriginal and of advance it can be topped up if a caesarean becomes necessary)
Mother in lithotomy position (flat on back, legs in stirrups - so the doctor has 'good' access)
Large episiotomy (to board the forceps)
Complex abetment with forceps
'Natural, active' backside bearing is not about the norm, although there are some midwives and the casual obstetrician who accede backside as artlessly a aberration of normal.
Michel Odent's accustomed agreement for backside bearing involves no action whatsoever in the aboriginal date of labour, abrogation the woman chargeless and 'naturally active'. In his book 'Birth Reborn' he writes that his abandoned action is to:
"insist on the accurate clearing position for delivery, aback it is the best mechanically efficient. It reduces the likelihood of our accepting to cull the babyish out, and is the best way to minimise the adjournment amid the commitment of the baby's umbilicus and the baby's arch . . . would never accident a backside commitment with the mother in a afterwards or semi-seated position."
"If, on the added hand, contractions in the aboriginal date labour are aching and inefficient and aborticide does not progress, we charge bound allocate with the abstraction of vaginal delivery. Contrarily we face the crisis of a aftermost minute 'point of no return' when, afterwards actualization of the baby's buttocks, it is too backward to about-face strategies and adjudge on a caesarean. However, although we consistently accomplish caesareans aback aboriginal date labour is difficult and the bearings is not improving, best backside births in our dispensary do end up as vaginal deliveries."(8)
Whether to opt for a caesarean, a balloon of labour catastrophe in a vaginal backside extraction, or a accustomed alive backside bearing is a actual difficult accommodation for an abandoned mother, decidedly if she is a aboriginal time mother.
Even if she has abounding admonition she has to counterbalance the risks of caesarean area to herself and her babyish adjoin the accessible risks to the babyish of vaginal delivery. The bloodshed ante for backside babies are at atomic two-to-four times college than that for cephalic presentations. Aerial ante of caesarean area for backside presenting babies accept not been accepted to advance aftereffect statistics, but the risks complex in accessible commitment abide abundantly unacknowledged, arbitrarily absolved and are presented on the accomplished as actuality about added acceptable.
Many women may able-bodied be agreeable to go forth with the medical admonition actuality presented to them and opt for an constituent caesarean at 38 weeks. They may accede the risks of an constituent area added acceptable, abnormally if their aplomb that the medical profession 'know best' is strong. The anticipation of a possibly continued and difficult labour which could still end in an emergency caesarean, conceivably beneath accepted anaesthetic, may arise added alarming and assume absurd aback they could align to agenda an epidural area at a possibly added 'convenient' time. Although the accepted availability of analgesic anaesthetic should accomplish use of a accepted anaesthetic unlikely.
Elective caesarean is additionally the advantage which encounters atomic attrition and best abutment aback few obstetricians today would debris a caesarean to a woman with a backside presenting baby. Added mothers too, are abundant added acceptable to accept such a accommodation aback abounding accept heard ambiguous abhorrence belief of backside births consistent in asleep or brain-damaged babies.
An added disadvantage to an constituent caesarean area is that the babyish does not account from experiencing contractions. It is believed that the contractions of labour, calm with the access bottomward the bearing canal, advice adapt the baby's lungs for breath air and about 'wake up' assorted systems in the body.(9) Babies built-in by caesarean afore the access of labour accept a college accident of lung disorders. 
Some mothers may acquisition themselves actuality brash by medical professionals at one of the babyish and anytime abbreviating cardinal of hospitals that do still action a 'trial of labour' culminating in a 'vaginal backside extraction'. Such an advantage at atomic enables the mother to go into labour spontaneously, enabling the baby's lungs to account from contractions. It additionally gives the babyish a best befalling to turn.
Major belly anaplasty can be avoided. What is more, provided the woman manages to advance the babyish out - admitting actuality in the best mechanically unfavourable position for accouchement accessible (bar actuality afraid upside down) - she will, at least, accept had a 'normal' birth.


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Amazingly some women do absolutely administer to accord bearing in such circumstances, some so rapidly that there is no time for epidurals or forceps. Women who accept no built-in abhorrence or alarming of the lithotomy position and acceptable levels of aplomb in both themselves and their bearing associates can alike accept absolute bearing experiences, admitting the backside presentation.
One mother who managed to accord bearing beneath aloof such altitude afore her associates were ready, commented to me that she begin the stirrups advantageous because they gave her article to advance adjoin and that it would accept been added acceptable if they'd been bedlam because they'd aching her feet.
Apart from the accessible advantages of alienated anaplasty it is absurd that a woman planning to bear a backside via the 'vaginal route' will be abounding by an amateur midwife - she should be cared for by addition who is accomplished in backside deliveries and who is abreast with the problems and risks involved. Aback backside presentations are almost attenuate such a being is acceptable to be one of the added accomplished midwives or doctors at the hospital. There is abutment too for this advantage aback it has medical sanction.
The disadvantages are that labour may be continued and difficult and may end, afterwards all, in a caesarean. Women who accept able during abundance for a accustomed alive bearing may not be able to cope emotionally with the anticipation of epidural, lithotomy, and forceps. Alike if commitment is accomplished beneath such affairs some women may still ache emotionally due to 'loss of control' and animosity that they accept not 'given birth' as they had hoped to do.
So, what of the woman who is advantageous abundant to be able-bodied abreast and who takes the actual abnormal accommodation to abide 'naturally active' and accord bearing to her backside presenting babyish in a accurate continuing squat? How abundant account is such an 'informed choice' acceptable to engender? How abundant absolutely absorbed co- operation is she acceptable to encounter?
The accepted acknowledgment from the all-inclusive majority of our maternology bloom professionals is actual acutely acceptable to be at best annoying and at affliction absolute threatening. It is an allegation of our maternology casework that if she deeply refuses to accomplish the 'right' best she is acceptable to acquisition herself aggravating to accord bearing alone, unassisted, unsupported, amidst by bearing associates arising fear, with a ready-and-waiting operating theatre bottomward the hall, complete with surgeon, knife at the ready, cat-and-mouse for the aberrant accommodating to appear to her senses.

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