Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Achilles Tendon Physical Therapy Exercises : Achilles Tendon Massage Techniques

The best technique for an Achilles tendon massage is to apply firm pressure and always work your way from the bottom to the top. Master these Achilles tendon massage techniques with help from a doctor of physical therapy in this free video on the Achilles tendon.

This is Tara Pollak, physical therapist from Evolution Physical Therapy. I'm here with Martina to give you some tips on Achilles tendon massage techniques. For this, you might want to get a little bit of lotion to help decrease the friction between your hands and your skin. Go ahead and take a little lotion Martina, good. What I like to do for this is actually create a little bit of a key grip. So, you want to put your thumb and your index finger together. Almost like you are holding a key. And what that will do is allow you to kind of wedge that Achilles tendon right between the thumb and the index finger. Good. So, you can apply some firm pressure and then just work your way up towards your knee. Good. So, you feel the thick part of your Achilles tendon right. And then you come back down and we always want to work from the bottom up towards the top. And just applying that firm pressure as you go along. You can also take the Achilles tendon in that little key grip and just move it up and down just kind of working the flexibility of it from up to down or side to side. I'm Tara, and this is Achilles tendon massage techniques.


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