Monday, August 22, 2011

Anatomy of The Liver video

The morphologic anatomy of the liver is described as 2 main and 2 accessory lobes.
The more recent functional anatomy of the liver is based on the distribution of the portal pedicles and the location of the hepatic veins. The liver is divided into 4 sectors, some of them composed of 2 segments. In all, there are 8 segments. According to the anatomy, typical hepatectomies (or réglées) are those which are performed along anatomical scissurae. The 2 main technical conceptions of typical hepatectomies are those with preliminary vascular control (Lortat-Jacob's technique) and hepatectomies with primary parenchymatous transection (Ton That Tung's technique). A good knowledge of the anatomy of the liver is a prerequisite for anatomical surgery of this organ.

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